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To Allow


I must remind myself to be kind to myself. That I deserve happiness, Love and Success in this life. Mistakes are repeated but lessons are meant to be learned from and not repeated. That I must release myself from guilt, shame and fear; to truly forgive myself and allow Love to fill my heart and soul.
I have so much Love to share and I share it openly and honestly with all that cross my path. Yet, I seem to still struggle with sharing this Love with myself.


I wish to become a being of light; a vehicle of light and love to radiate to the world around me. To always be a beautiful and positive influence to all who cross my path. To deeply accept love, happiness and success into my heart and life as well all that are around me.

Forgiveness, a deeper meaning


Forgiveness… or “to forgive” is not an action, it is a sensation… a intimate feeling you have within yourself. I believe the teachings and preachings have misrepresented this concept. 

Forgiveness is not something to give or present to another person, object or incident. It is something that has to happen inside YOU, as an individual. It happens inside our minds and our hearts. 

To Forgive is to truly grasp the ability to  “let go” ! 

To accept your part in all aspects of your life and everything you come in contact with, and then allow yourself to “let go” of 

the pain… 

the guilt…. 

the blame…

the fear… 

the anger…

the hatred…

the excuse…

the reason…

All of these are concepts of our minds. We, individually, create them. 

An incident takes place in your life, how you identify it in your mind alone make it reality. Your choice of how you * wish to perceive it, defines whether it’s positive or negative…. good or bad. 

We are told to forgive*  others for their actions, as if “forgiveness” is a gesture to someone else or thing. An external action that affects the world around us. 

In actuality, “forgiveness” is purely internal. Something that only happens inside us all, both our hearts and minds, individually. 

That same incident takes place in your life. You, and no one else, choose to assign blame, anger, frustration, fear, hatred, excuse, guilt, pain or some type of reason to the incident. It doesn’t matter what others think or feel, only what you think or feel. This is the only power that you have… the power to control your thoughts and feelings, no one else’s. 

To forgive the incident, it must happen within yourself. YOU are the only one responsible for “letting it go”, not your family, not your friends nor anyone else. Just you alone must make this choice.

An Impasse…


I have reached what feels like an impasse in my life. Where lack of desire & passion coupled with a loose, but determined understanding of what I don’t want in my life has brought me to a complete stand-still. 
The old me still lingers, ever so gently creeping into my heart with thoughts of worry, anxiety, judgement and guilt. 
The new me sits still: open, honest, mindful of the present, conflicted between two worlds of thought. 
A calmness comes over me. Greatness is at hand… I question how others see such wonder and potential in me (not in a negative way) when I seem to always fall short of seeing it for myself. 
My gifts & strengths don’t feel monetary in nature. Capitalization is not option, yet the world demands it…. requires it…. forces it upon us..! 
I see such a different world than most. My values are unique and I see strength in heart and creativity. 
Financial survival seems like such a waste of time and talent when the effort could be applied to so much more where both the individual and the community prosper from it on a deeper & higher level!

Reason for Existence

Being alone and loneliness are two entirely different aspects of life. Growing up as an only-child, I learned how to be comfortable being alone, to the point where it’s a necessary aspect of my life. I truly find comfort & peace when I’m alone and it has become a required characteristic. 
Loneliness is a whole another thing. A void…. an emptiness that leaves you craving it to be filled. Some simply fill it with anyone that easily comes into their lives, while others endue the discomfort holding out for something unique, someone special. 
I fall into the latter. When I was younger I opted for what came easily, but as matured I found it disappointing to take the easy road. My soul knows what it’s doing. My soul will know them when we cross paths and my soul will wait even if it folds into other lifetimes. 
While my path is unclear and blurred, my reason for existence clear….. I am here to help others live a better life. To help them become the greatness they hold within. To bring out the absolute best in all human beings and change this world into the paradise it’s meant to become!

In Search Of…

I am in search of a job where I can make between $600-700 per week, minimum! I want to enjoy this job to the point where it’s a joy to go in for every shift. I am surrounded by positive, happy, productive people who want to be there too. I need my coworkers to care & respect one another and help each other succeed. I need the owner to be a successful, positive person who inspires, mentors and actually cares about their employees happiness (Happy employees = happy clients/customers) 
I need the managers to actually “manage” both people and situations that arise and to do it with respect and honesty. 
I need a job that challenges me but doesn’t stress me out.
I need a job where I help make a difference to both my coworkers and our clientele, where I feel good about every day of work, where I go home inspired and energized instead of tired & drained.
I need a Job that makes me a better person at the end of the day…. the month… the year! Does it exist ?
How do I make it a reality ?

The trouble is that we have few, if any, maps to guide us on the journey or even to show us how to find the path. The modern world, in fact, can be viewed as a prodigious conspiracy against mastery. We’re continually bombarded with the promises of immediate gratification, instant success, and fast, temporary relief, all of which lead in exactly the wrong direction.

George Leonard

Mastery: The Keys to Success and Long-Term Fulfillment

My Heart calls out for Love…

My heart calls out for love… 
It craves the warmth and peace shared by another
It hopes for the sensation it has felt before
Open and willing, it lays ready to receive 
Massive and strong, it is prepared to provide
My heart calls out for love…
It remembers the ones that were courageous enough to endure 
It aches for the pain it has caused 
It is grateful for the risk others have taken
It will never forget the one who gave the most and lost the most
My heart calls out for love…

The Spark Inside Me….


My mind wanders… drifting between hope and fear.
The dream inside can no longer be held prisoner
A spark that will ignite the world afire with a mix of peace and passion craves to come to the surface!
There is a better place down the road, but it’s not going to happen on it’s own
The world we currently live in is unbalanced and unwell, it screams in agony but we refuse to hear it. The messages lie before us in the water we drink, the food we eat and the air we breathe.
We are not the country we live in, the color of our skin, the language we speak, the religion we preach, the customs we practice nor the money we spend…… We are human, one and all and the only judgement that should befall us is how we treat one another !!

The Path
With every step you take, the path before you changes. The ground beneath your feet, the air you breathe in, the sky above your head and the world that surrounds you. Your external world changes when you move and this can be a wondrous and inspiring experience. It can also be dangerous and destructive as you will be forced to interact with the outside world and all it’s uncertainty and chaos.
This is a physical path in life.
There is another path one can take..
This path requires no movement at all; no physical exertion except to stay still. This path is far more challenging than the physical one but it’s rewards are truly endless.
The first and most difficult challenge along the internal path is to accomplish stillness; To be motionless and begin your journey within.

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